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Dear All Stations,

Thank you for the best QSO we’ve ever made, it was nice to meet you.
I agree that the final courtesy of QSO is QSL, so I always try to confirm all QSO that have been recorded in my logbook.
My logbook is automatically uploaded to hrdlog.net. Then Hrdlog.net will upload my logbook to eQSL.cc and LoTW periodically, so if you have an account in eQSL and LoTW our QSO will confirmed soon.
Unfortunately I dont do QSL Card confirmation, but, I will do it if you need it.

To have QSL Card confirmation you must send your card directly to :

Robby Sandes, YD4IRS
PO BOX 1186
Palembang 30000

Send your card include an IRC coupon or some green stamps needed to reply your card (how much greenstamp? count it by your self), I will reply your card ASAP.

Another way is using the online QSL request. You can request my card by sending your request via email to robby@sandes.us or use My Logbook to make a request. Enter your callsign and hit “Send”, if we have a QSO logged you will see our QSO data, find a “mail” icon at the OQRS column and click it, you’ll directed to the OQRS page. Or you can use ClubLog since my logbook are also uploaded there.

Send your greenstamp via PayPal to robby@sandes.us, usually I always send my card in the next morning since I received your request notification.

Thank you for QSL, hope to meet you again in other band and other mode.

Untuk teman-teman amatir radio Indonesia, silahkan anda mengirimkan kartu QSL anda disertai dengan perangko balasan dan sebuah amplop yang telah ditulis alamat lengkap anda.


Robby Sandes – YD4IRS

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